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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  January 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a heartbreaking loss, the ravens kick away a shot at the superbowl. >> >> announcer: wide left at 32. >> tonight, fans react to the one that got away. good evening, everyone, thanks for joining us. the ravens season came down to the final seconds, a chance to shock the heavily favored patriots, but baltimore's dreams suddenly dashed with a missed kick. our sports director mark viviano is with the team. he has the reaction to the stunning loss. >> reporter: it will go down as the most dramatically
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disappointing defeat, a possible win over the new england patriots and a a trip to the somebody in their grasp, but they see it all slip away. >> >> especially tough for the fans who made the trip all the way from baltimore. on the big stage at the afc title game, joe flacco outplayed tom brady. 17-16 ravens lead in the third quarter, brady and the pats jump back on top. brady over the top for a touchdown and a 23-20 new england lead. in the final minute, ravens drive 65-yards with a a chance to win, flacco to evans in the end zone, but the go ahead touchdown never happened. >> the reality of it is when you get an opportunity to make plays, you have to make it.
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>> reporter: still hoping to tie it up, billy, a routine 32- yard field goal to send the game into overtime, unbelievably no good. a field goal miss and a missed opportunity to advance to the superbowl. 23-20, new england wins. >> >> i kicked probably 1,000 times in my career and i went out there intending to convert many that's the way things go there is no excuse for it. >> we win as a team. we lose as a team. there is no "billy missed the kick." it happened, move on quickly as a man. >> reporter: in the aftermath of the disappointment, ray lewis said it will only fuel the ravens to prepare harder for next year. he cuts short any talk about a possible retirement, saying he
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intends to play. mark viviano with the ravens. >> >> "wjz" and derrick live with reaction from the dejected fan base. >> reporter: that reaction was not pretty. that kick, essentially a kick in the gut to the superbowl dreams. excitement at a fever pitch even before the kickoff. fans decked out in purple. >> we won last week and i was like "got to cut it down." >> reporter: as the game got underway. >> any time we hurt brady, -- defense looks great, offense came alive. we have it. >> reporter: a touchdown in the second quarter, a cheer to be heard throughout baltimore. >> the ravens keep pushing. we are going to take the game
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-- >> reporter: ravens fans held onto the hope right up until the end. when a field goal kick was a restless moment, ending the colossal disappointment superbowl dreams dashed. fans left with frustration aimed at kicker, billy -- >> 32-yards, you have to make it. >> flacco did his job, condon didn't do his job, disappointing. >> definitely a heartbreaker. >> it happens, good season. nothing more you can do >> i love my ravens, i bleed purple. no matter what. >> go, ravens! >> reporter: a lot of marylanders lost bets, among them, baltimore's mayor who now has to send a package of crab cakes to boston's mayor. >> >> crack cakes are better than any chowder any day.
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>> >> a lot more from fox bro' coming up later in sports. >> >> the story we are keeping an eye on is freezing rain. could make for a messy morning. we are seeing some cold drizzle in parts of the city. "wjz" with weather live. bernadette woods has an idea of how bad things can get. >> >> doppler radar, doesn't look super impressive, everything is so light. it's falling on frozen ground, a little lightness in the air, fog starting to form, all of that, when you put it on the ground. 30 degrees will cause some icing, because of that, freezing rain advisory in effect through the overnight hours until 6:00 am. temperatures will be rising overnight, but it's a very slow process. they are now up to 31 in baltimore, 27 in makers town. a couple of places in between those two areas are below freezing, but we are up to 32 in dc. it will get there, but it will take until the morning to get
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there. we'll have your forecast coming up, adam also, forecast coming up in a few minutes >> don't forget to tune if for the latest conditions of any closing or delays. for instant updates at any time, log onto "wjz." com. >> >> penn state students and alumni in mourning tonight. joe paterno has passed away at the age of 85. >> fans left flowers, lit candles and said, "good-bye" to the man known as joe pa. >> he was a coach that stood for more than just football. >> reporter: joe paterno died sunday, 65 days after being diagnosed with lung cancer. >> people will remember what a great man he was and what he did for the not just the football program, will you the entire university. >> reporter: he donated more than $4 million to penn state during his career. >> people asked me why i stay
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here so long you know what? look around. i stay here because i love you all. >> reporter: in the middle of his 46th season, paterno was fired. he was accused not doing enough after his former assistant coach was accused of molesting a young boy in a team locker room. despite the scandal, the fans reare main loyal. he is survived by his wife, sue, five children and 17 grandchildren. >> reporter: funeral arrangements have not been announced, yet. we'll keep you posted when we get the details. the battle for the republican nomination for president turns to florida. newt gingrich and mitt romney, taking the gloves off. >> i think he has been dancing on eggs trying to find a version of romney that may work. >> rick santorum and ron paul
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will join the two front runners for the first of two debates this week. >> >> representative gabriel giffords will resign from congress to focus on recovering from the shooting that nearly took her life. tonight, reporting with a look at today's touching farewell. >> reporter: the announcement was posted in an online video, the congresswoman who survived a bullet to the head just over a year ago announced she is shopping down >> i have more work to do on my recovery. so i have to do what is best for arizona. i will step down this week. >> giffords recovery is seen by many as a miracle. she was wounded, along with 16 others in a tucson shooting spree that six people dead. since then, she has been going through intense rehabilitation. just two weeks ago, the congresswoman along with family members and friends held a
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memorial service to mark the 1st anniversary of that tragic day. >> one nation under god -- >> reporter: giffords said arizona will always be her home, ends the video with words of assurance she is getting better. >> my spirit is high. i will return and we will work together for arizona. and this great country, thank you very much. >> >> reporter: giffords is expected to attend the president's state of the union address on tuesday before she steps down. she will finish the "congress on your corner" event that was interrupted by the shooting. "wjz" "eyewitness news." >> >> her husband, mark kelly, also retired earlier this year after piloting one of the final nasa shuttle missions. >> >> still to come tonight, some outrageous accusations against a baltimore priest. tonight, he is facing criminal charges. details coming up. >>
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>> cruise ship -- divers continue a grim recovery mission on the italian coast. tonight, we learn the number of missing could be much higher than originally thought. >> >> bloody revolt, another troubling turn in a fight to bring democracy to syria -- . for years, doctors have discouraged drinking during pregnancy. a new study finds that alcohol can do the most damage at a certain stage of pregnancy. i'm gigi barnett, coming up, i'll tell you when it is. >> >> warmer weather on the way, but not before we see icy conditions overnight. i'll have your full forecast when "eyewitness news" returns. . ,,,,
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31 with freezing drizzle. it could be messy tomorrow. bernadette will have the forecast coming up. >> >> the bloody crack down on prodemocracy activists in syria, now spiraling out of control. . dramatic video appears to show government forces opening fire right near the capital of damascus. meanwhile, the arab league decided they are extended a controversial observer mission in syria for another month.
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the u.n. estimates 5400 people have been killed since these protests began in march. >> >> divers in italy pull another body from the wreckage of a capsized cruise ship. 13 people now confirmed dead. the possibility of unregistered passengers may put the number even higher. the captain remains under house arrests, charged with manslaughter and abandoned ship. >> >> a maryland catholic priest is arrested on indecent exposure charges. the 47-year-old was discovered nude from the waist down in front of customers at an adult movie theater. police say it happened last week at bush river books and movies. he was a priest -- he has since been removed from his duties. >> >> an out-of-control car slams into a familiar landmark in downtown baltimore.
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right around 2:00 this afternoon. right now, investigators are not sure how the driver lost control and got there far inland. >> >> a new study revealed this week that the hidden dangers of women who drink alcohol while pregnant could be pretty severe. in tonight's health report, gigi reports why staying away from alcohol in the early stages is critical. >> >> reporter: for years, doctors have warned that drinking and pregnancy don't mix. now, a new study still supports that, but discovered alcohol at the end of the first three months of pregnancy may be the most harmful for unborn babies. >> there is really no benefit from drinking during pregnancy. >> reporter: dr. aronson is a doctor in baltimore county, saying babies exposed to alcohol early in the pregnancy stage have a greater risk of
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developing fetal alcohol sin drop which leads to abnormal facial features and slow development. >> we have known for a long time that alcohol injured living tischs. it's just common sense that drinking is not something you want to expose them to. >> reporter: the study is is one of the first to examine how often a woman drinks and how far along in the pregnancy she is in. the doctor said once the damage is done, there is not much a a mother can do. doctors say 50% of the pregnancies in the country are not planned. that means some women are not aware they are expecting until the middle of the end of the first three months and that's when alcohol can do the most damage. >> >> fetal alcohol syndrome affects one percent of newborns in this country. >> >> a dangerous journey for a
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dutch teen ends with a new world record. finally completing her solo around the world mission. the youngest person to go around the world. she left the island nearing one year ago to the day. she said she is happy to be eye united with her family and called her time away peaceful. >> >> after that much time at sea, you probably start to seeing things, right? >> that would freak me out. i love the water, and i love seeing land -- if i were out there by myself like that -- . . weather-wise, you actually do have -- we do have something to talk about, tonight, if you are heading out in the next couple of hours, please be very careful there is not a whole lot falling from the sky at this point, but what is coming down is a little bit of a mist, drizzle and some fog forming
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and all of that is happening while temperatures are below freezing in a lot of cases. to put it into motion, there is not a lot coming down. it doesn't take much to create an icy surface when you are talking 31 degrees. we have ice on the ground from what happened saturday, so it's not the best setup for these overnight hours. because of all of that, there is a freeze advisory in effect -- we'll get back to that in a moment -- freezing rain advisory in effect for almost all of the counties except for the eastern shore. temperatures are starting to climb up over there. the kind of air that will push northward. until we get above freezing, it will still be. 30 in westminster, a little further to the south, 34 in annapolis, that's where we are above freezing at this point. very basic situations and winds out of the northeast, will keep the temperatures down for the next couple of hours before we get that warmup that's why the
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freezing for these overnight hours will spread north on monday as temperatures get above freezing. we'll go into the upper 40s, really warm air comes with the bulk of this storm. we have some light precipitation right now, but as we head into tomorrow, more rain moves our way. in addition to that, the chance for a thunderstorm or two as we head into the afternoon hours. then, all of this will get out of here for tuesday, when it does, mild air to follow. it's a pacific air mass coming our way, instead of an arctic one we had the last couple of times. temperatures are not going down all that much behind this one. >> >> on the waters, winds are pretty light. winds out of the west at knife knots., black ice, major concern. light freezing drizzle. temperatures just below freezing, by tomorrow, up to 49 degrees. that will help melt a lot of what is on the ground. the next couple of days, way above average. 52 on tuesday.
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still in the upper 40s wednesday and thursday, chance for more showers thursday and friday. >> >> thanks aboth, western. >> >> we -- a lot, bern. >> >> a loss in the afc championship game has the ravens dealing with disappointment. their words ,,,, ♪
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fans -- a lot of anger toward condon >> a lot of people were wondering if that was it for ray lewis. he came in after the game and said he will be back. ravens, done for the season, while the patriots head onto superbowl 46. this after baltimore fell in today's afc championship game by three points. the game looked like it is
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heading into overtime, billy condon missed a kick -- reaction from a disappointed ravens locker room. >> >> reporter: it was a stunning and disappointing a defeat that any team could ever endure and the ravens locker room afterwards was as solemn as any i have ever encountered. >> it's tough, it's tough, but that is the game. that's sports and that's the game of football. >> we laid it all out there. we didn't leave anything on the field. we can look each other in the eyes and say we it out in the field and gave it our best. >> that's a tough way to lose, obviously -- but that's football that's what happens sometimes. my hats go off to the patriots. they played a really good game and they fought us to the end. they get to move on, we don't. >> >> reporter: the ravens move into an off season of some
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uncertainty. ray lewis said he will be back, but there are reports of changes to the ravens coaching staff, all of these questions to be answered in the weeks ahead. mark viviano with the ravens in new england, back to you. >> >> ravens 1-2 in afc championship games, patriots head to the superbowl for the fifth time since 2001. over in the nfc, jim and the 49ers hosting the giants in a thriller. big game, for vernon davis. niners -- catch in the third quarter, giving san francisco a 14-10 lead, but the game ended up in overtime, tied at 17 and after the -- giants step steps up, 31-yard field goal, the game winner, giants will face the patriots superbowl 46. -- . finally, according to espn,
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there is some apparent disception on the pittsburgh steelers, ben roethlisberger is upset that bruce arien is no longer with the team. reports say he was pushed out of the organization, though he announced a retirement, which, in turn, upset big ben. >> we hardly get the affidavits championship over with, we are still checking on our division rivals to see what they are up to. >> we still did better than the steels. >> i think they it was a great game. they will do better next year. >> >> thanks a >> thanks a going ape ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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